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Elden Ring DLC BIG UPDATE...

MaidenlessScrub: Casuals: Give us an easy mode!

FromSoft: Here's a hard mode, and here's a harder mode
YTZackNemo: This DLC is going to be perfect! I'm going to rage so much!!!
trevor7514: The DLC hasn't even come out yet but I just think it would be a crime not to make Elden Ring 2 in the future. I've never been so balls deep into a video games lore before in my life. You could (and 100000% should) make a movie called Elden Ring
Childofbhaal: Replaying Elden Ring again before DLC and it’s still such a masterpiece. Trying new builds and having totally different experiences. I can’t wait to see what From is cooking
darthdragonborn1076: im hoping we get more destined death incantations, love that archtype so much
TJuice1986: 46 days to go!!
iForerunners: Really hoping we see torrent cosmetics and if possible cross play. It'd be absolutely perfect
Qu3ued: I can’t wait for the new recipes and consumables. I’m really excited to be able to make more madness items
rican_921: Need covenants and increase multiplayer capacity
iffi_master2286: devs saying "we are too good at this game" is such a flex
plasmodesma7569: I’ve never been more excited for a game release. The original ER is a complete masterpiece. I expect the DLC will continue the standard.
OnionKnight12: I can’t wait to go through this dlc like 4 times plus an 100% re run
jacobnelson4267: Believe in Jesus and repent

May 11 2024

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