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Elden Ring Colossal Swords Are Monstrous At Mid Level Level Up From PvP Part 8

aadynfinchum9437: St. Trina's Torch is monstrous at mid level
Dustywhoads: Getting invaded while cheesing the boss is hilarious
jrichardson6048: The true elden ring invasion experience in Liurnia there. Fat rolling RL60 wizard host with two RL250 password phantoms.
Red_94016: I had an invasion today where all three of them were spamming comet and stars of ruin and I dodged everything by RUNNING SIDEWAYS
lukx762: After that disappointing state of play from sony a chase video is the only thing that can cheer me up ( still no bloodborne port/remaster
Rizolv: Honestly nothing better before the dlc than watching a bro pvp to level up his character and pve for weapon upgrades. Truly a dark souls experience
ltmuffler3482: The lightning faith guy was level 312, the other summon was 250, the host they were babysitting was level 52. And Chase was 59 lol.

GG Chase, GG
thefloridaman41: Every Episode is one episode closer to the Flamberge.
purevessel: Coffee in hand, early in the morning, Chase uploads, St.Trina Torch will now be recommended. Perfection.
bredaleon: Suggestions for caelid on next episode (if not done already):

->Go to Sellia Crystal Tunnel (8 stone 5s, some 7s from the boss and canvas talisman)
->Abandoned cave (venomous fang and golden scarab)
->Fort gael (Katar, strength talisman, lion's claw ash of war and flame grant me strength)

Keep up the good work. This series is awesome!
Sleepy_Otter: None of the quest lines require summoning NPCs for bosses at any point, just for future reference. It is great to get that Casual Greeting gesture though, it's probably the one I use most!
Adam-tu1qx: Oh my god i cant keep up with long videos, i keep falling asleep after work to them and have to go back and watch what i missed.

I feel like im watching a TV series im invested in but behind on
slinku: I love the "Oh no, I guess I have to keep invading" chains of invasions. Has "Go on then, just one more" energy. I just need a couple more runes, I swear...

Jun 01 2024

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