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Elden Ring Claws Are CRAZY...

NateDawg42: i have smelly farts
tex4300: My first build was a claw build! Moment I found them in stormveil castle I was hooked. Very cool weapons.
gabewagner8171: I'm excited on the amount of challenge runs the dlc will create for us
jyanbei: 23 seconds is crazy
artezac: Claws hold a special place in my heart as my first ever run i used hook claws with flaming strike and it was actually pretty insane
Sprw: If one more person makes a "81 views in 1 minute joke" I'm going to lose it
pigshere: Claws have a great moveset, very satisfying to use.
demauni1952: you really gotta be claws to the boss to use them
watatoss: the best affinity on venomous fang is occult, you keep the strong poison and the poion build is higher than poison affinity.

Jun 10 2024

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