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Elden Ring Cheaters Are Getting Worse...

dancingqueen5428: Malenia calling me “dear boy” made me smile so much. Idk why.
TheRealEldenRing: I just love the beef Ranni has with Malenia. Also i think we all love Roderika's pet names for us
Scoliosistic: When I meet a cheater in PvP I just laugh thinking about the fact that he spends his Saturdays using cheats to win in a scenario with no upsides or downsides
xde_: The account blocking method to prevent resummons is the greatest 4d chess move to deal with dedicated ganks and cheater groups, never knew it was a thing before
itsterres: Me when i run into a normal player: plays casually
Me when i run into a griefer: locks in and becomes motivated
thegameslayer7574: Fuck it... I guess i accept being called dear boy just because i agree with the idea of bullying cheaters.
drey_wander: Fun fact, I noticed that this was in the Carian Manor near the troll knight, and this is actually a glitch that can just, happen really. If you get attacked by the wolves nearby while airborne at just the moment you're about to hit the ground, the stagger animation will sometimes clip you into the stairs, where you can only be hit when you're at the very edge of the stairs. Found it out by complete accident with mixed results trying to recreate it outta curiosity. Direct projectiles (arrows, bolts, pots), including spells can't go through the stairs from the inside unless you're at the edge of the stairs, but the hitbox for explosions clips through for some reason. The best method to deal with someone inside them is probably night maidens mist or whatever tf it's called. But your method also works cuz of the busted hitbox.
ultimatecoasterremakes5500: I especially love when you use your knowledge of the game to take care of cheaters and then the cheaters get mad and act like they don’t cheat. So much for hacking a game they don’t like or care about.
rhetoricalbro4106: Malenia with the "hand" me down jokes.
Esponea_482: Given the prior short, I say we should calculate the crushing force of Malenia’s thighs
bobkingofham6296: “Shiny snowball” is my new favorite nickname
Mike-km9jz: Scarlet mommy calling us "dear boys" has be one of the few reasons why life is not that bad.
Zantetsu13: So Roderika is Don Ramon. Deepest lore.
l.o.v.e-sick5330: Oh, the Caria Manor stairs clipping. You need to get the direwolf to attack you while you activate the summoning pool. If everything was done correctly, you will get pushed underneath the stairs. That's how that guy got to where he was.
W2823: Dear boy ?
Yes please

Jun 05 2024

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