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Elden Ring But I LITERALLY Only Have Endurance... !newvid

efecarty7111: Anyone else in Ireland watching?
heideknight7782: After this run I already know Skumnut's next challenge: Can you beat the Unalloyed Malenia mod with NOTHING? Both Ongbal and LetMeSoloHer can beat the 7 phase Malenia bossfight (with a 'slightly' buffed Malenia who also has a couple of cool new moves in her unalloyed form) only with a 300 leveled character. Lobos recently tried the mod with his first character at level 170ish. He was able to figure out how to dodge a small fraction of her moves in phase 1, but never even got to phase 2 a single time within a whole stream. Surely this mod is a good preparation for the bosses in the DLC (which might include Malenia's brother as one of the bosses?).
MarisaMarisa-ve9wx: Can somone make a tutorial on how to make skumnuts jared leto charakter
sakPlayz1: Lagnut
BaugetteMuncher7000: RAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT (pin plz)

Jun 04 2024

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