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Jestyr22: The rare NorthernLion reference in the first minute of a GinoMachino video? Damn, this is gonna be good
renthehag: Thank you for raising money for pancreatic cancer research. My mom was diagnosed at Stage 2B last year and when I started doing research on clinical trials and new medications I was appalled to see how stagnant the research is. Hoping that huge chunk of money helps prevent future patients from suffering my mom’s fate
Satooo999: Finally the “All Hit Run” we’ve been waiting for. Thank you Ginomachino
hree9996: I haven't watched the video yet but i hope there is a "oh shit, a rat" reference at some point
alexandersergeevich9113: Stonedigger troll can throw fire, whaaaat?! The most rare moment in the entire game lol
EbonMaster: I actually really love the Godrick Axe. The ash of war is typically only for AoE but its also really good against small enemies that get ragdolled by it. But even just using it for AoE is super satisfying imo.
neath6341: watching morgott go sicko mode on all the npc summons was some of the funniest shit ive ever seen lmao
trentmckenzie343: Man, my great aunt passed some years ago from Pancreatic cancer. Those donations will go to great heights
gingerbread3686: I love how during this entire video Gino is like: "You could spawn that or debuff this or take away my gear, would be a reeeaaal shame if something like that happened" and half of the time nothing happens because everybody is saving it for the bosses. Gino out there trying his best to convince chat its a good idea to spawn things while he is in an open field.

May 18 2024

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