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Elden Ring But i Can Only Level Up From PvP RL80 Invasions Are Interesting Part 13

jamesbrassfield8409: Who's ready for the new dlc
Diei9: Phantom running errands real quick
AdrianMRyan: Phantom running half-way across the map to hard swap then deciding he doesn't like any of his options and coming back with the same set-up >_<
jackhyde1488: Lmao all these gankers and the closest to killing Chase was the Baleful Shadow
Redhotquagmire: Seeing this absolute PVP God just getting pummeled by Astel has to be one of the funniest things I think I've seen in a while lol
jackhyde1488: Chase is going to be an absolute menace with the new dlc weapons I can’t wait
jamie3356: Baldachin's Blessing is actually an OP buff. 35% physical damage negation, 35% poise and it completely negates stagger for 15 seconds (apart from attacks that send you flying through the air). Definitely situational, but very effective when used properly.
FindingIcarus: I think the phantom in that second invasion went off to kill a group of mobs to get a flask back.
ZaulieP: Don’t forget the storm hawk axe by the leyndell round table! Loving the series!
Nibbles015: When you're so good at the game you can call it a "miscalculation" when you get a kill
jungerknaut: Astel grabbed you so many times you need to start up a harassment suit against it.
alanrichter1: "hmmm-bonk" he uses words to shrive clean the hearts of men "bootey" there's nothing more terrifying

Jun 06 2024

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