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Elden Ring But I Can Only Level Up From PvP Hero Class

TheBoyInOneSock: If Chase plans to grab most if not all items, that means he will HAVE to pick up St. Trina's Torch.
ArcaneDumpster-Fire: He has returned with the series, now we can enjoy season 2
pkmoments: Killing the dishonest host before they could kill Alexander was the morally correct thing to do
Kai-wt8hb: Hey Chase figured you could use this for weapon level to rune level matchmaking

RL 31-50 regular weapons 12
RL 31-50 somber weapons 5
RL 51-70 regular weapons 17
RL 51-70 somber weapons 7
RL 71-90 regular weapons 20
RL 71-90 somber weapons 8
>RL 90 you can max both weapon types
OriginalAsloe: this is by far my favorite elden ring series/video type
Vorael: chase doing the standing jumping attack like 4 times in a row and then parrying at the guy's corpse has gotta be the funniest shit i've seen in a minute
Halovex: Protecting Alexander brings the blessings of Saint Trina. May her torch light the way.
KogasaTatara514: Oh damn! The first series was already one of my favorites on this channel, glad to see it back!
hystericbunny76: I think they were trying to kill Alexander for the jar shard, but in my opinion if your not a challenge runner, just finish his quest for the Alexander's shard, the one only has 10% boost on ashes of war, the Alexander shard has 15%. Still, just don't kill him, hehe what a maidenless behavior for those guys.
Shane_A_M: My favorite PVE setup for the Hero Class is the Marias Executioner sword. Millicent’s prothesis give the perfect amount of Dex to meet the weapon requirements, and combining that with the winged sword insignia and Godfrey Icon makes the weapon art hit like a truck. You can get all these pieces by the halfway point of the game and it only gets stronger with the thorny cracked tear and Alex’s Shard.
bradleyfitzik2447: Ooh i love these level through pvp runs
andrewgx48: Oh… so that’s why you were taking a bit longer to upload today’s video lol love to see a new playthrough of level through pvp only, let’s gooooo!
EblysDaniel: I haven't finished the other series yet but I want to see this one too.
skewclip: Wake up babe, ChaseTheBro just started season two of the best youtube series!!
__Yamato__: Hell yeah! I rly missed these series! And the hour-long 1st episode is just great, cant thank you enough Chase!
zoned7609: I enjoy the modifications to this concept. I much prefer this actually, but you are heroic for doing the previous criteria
yeahwhy5331: Roundtable doesn't ruin any questlines. Only npc it affects is D as he will teleport there if you don't talk to him but he'll still have the same dialogue essentially

May 25 2024

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