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Elden Ring but everything I do costs me progressively more runes

konradbachnio5812: So you have free healthcare (flasks), no rent (resting at graces) and free transport (fast travel)? That's totally unrealistic.
davey2740: "... just like in real life. The more I make, the more I gotta pay."

Idk about that one
jplichta: In real life you'd be evading taxes the moment you started getting lots of runes and asking the government to subsidize the rune wage theft you commit against your spirit ashes
alexv1154: Should've had where each painting you collected reduced the amount of runes you had to spend, as a Tax writeoff
MatNightmare: seems like this challenge has...
taken its toll
berk6413: Ah yes, the “inflation” run. This was a fun one.

Rando no-hit vid when?
linhilde: "The more I make the more I gotta pay." -- damn, I wish that were real
XYZ-ve7jh: "I have to go to Blaidd twice unless I murder Kale."
Mamal0: Dont let EA personnel watch this video
Thradic: "just like in real life. The more I make, the more I gotta pay."

You got that one wrong chief!
TBelen91: That moment where Blaidd and Darriwil killed each other was epic
glazedbiscuit1603: Elden Ring: Real Life Simulator
capitaineroux4032: When do we get a video on your incredible No Hit Random ?
GeremyG: Can’t have shit in the Lands Between. They taxed my adventure.
Skywolve1998: I'm multitasking and during the Godrick fight I glanced at the screen and read the name over his health bar as "Godrick the Garfield" for a moment.
AlexiaRoss: Within one minute there's something wrong... I pay more in taxes than most billionaires.
bigshotfan: Now when your enemies say "you'll pay for that" they mean it
theunderscore001: Can we appreciate the editing on this video?? It's honestly so impressive
grantplunkett8410: Aggy taking the same mindset into the Rykard fight that I do at the gas station. “Just don’t even look at the cost, it’s necessary”
vadimkirillov4810: Tax should increase up until you're in the end game, where you can get constant tax breaks, government bailouts, and have a separate fund run by your relatives so as to not pay taxes at all
bird6708: I love American health care
StanleyG23: Honestly, Twiggy Cracked Tear is overpowered for this run.

May 17 2024

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