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Elden Ring, But Every Enemy is Always Attacking me

Azatrix: Elden Ring: Scolar of the First Sin edition
grfrjiglstan: This video: Finally, a grace where enemies don’t interrupt me!
LilAggy’s last run: Finally, a grace where enemies interrupt me!
jaheemon60fps26: Bro is his pc’s worst enemy
hitlord: This mod makes Caelid as it should be. A place you don't want to be in.

P.S.: Just imagine if the Laser Golem in the cliff overlooking Radahn was an archer. Imagine getting sniped half way from Alabama while you're fighting in Florida.
Morgannin: The fact that you were getting shot at by the golem at the bridge in Mountaintops while standing down by DTS gives some perspective into why this game had such performance problems. I always felt like this game wasn't optimized well as far as despawning distant enemies or at least disabling their AI, and holy shit that one takes the cake. You can't even get up there without going through Leyndell, up into the Forbidden Lands, and through a Great Lift and subsequent loading screen. Why on Earth is that guy spawned in and active?
a_game_maker: The archer is just sending his regards, bushy!
wiswc: Next video : elden ring but I'm being assaulted irl
Ruturaj240: Release the dlc already, Miyazaki sama! Bushy is getting crazier by the day
Owendegroot: You know its going to be a good 1,5 hour when Bushy uploads
GloamEyedSoul: Bro, i‘m glad that someone still does EldenRing videos that are actually good
grandmagertrude7676: That entire consecrated snowfield part was peak comedy
ElementEvilTeam: Elden Ring but Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin
plentyguitarplantyfood7062: Dude,... so entertaining! DTS with the sniper and the late golem was SO hilarious
SxC97: Certified Shabriri Moment...
SamAspden: The fact that the mountaintops golem archer agro's you in altus blows my tiny mind.
octavianpegasus6681: Me when I walk into a room and say "What's up Everypony?" Real life frenzy spell.
Winter-King: This run can be summed up as "The most hated man in the Lands Between "
grfrjiglstan: That one golem archer on the Mountaintops did more help than harm to you. He’s basically the giant archer from DS3 now.
butterkirby1: Frenzied flame ending would have made so much sense. Thats why you didnt have torrent and why everyone wants you dead. Because youre gonna burn the world.
Dante-fq4xg: Alternative titles:
Elden Ring: "Get his ass!" Edition
Elden Ring: Jump him!
THEW0LFB0Y: No Torrent is actually torture
dromazder8899: love how boss fights are actually safer spots than open world

May 14 2024

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