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Elden Ring Best 15 Dexterity Builds - Early and Late Game

Patrick-bn5rp: The biggest draw for dex builds is probably the fact that bullet ashes of war scale better with the stat.
Martell276: I like the noble swordsman build. The simplicity of a single straightsword is honest work. Alternatively, you could spec strength and two hand a straightsword (ideally the Longsword or Broadsword due to better str scaling).

If you want to do busted DPS, just dual wield straight swords, turn your brain off and mash L1.
Kreau: I plan to start fresh and lean into the Soul Samurai build. I love a melee build that scales off magic damage and while still providing some ranged options.
AlphaDwg: Someone send this to Kai
thegreycrusader: Looking forward to the weapons showcase and the subsequent build!
sovelis7727: Just a note about two handing weapons - Most Ashes of war DO NOT get extra strength scaling from two handing the weapon. That narrows the gap quite a bit between strength and dex for any build revolving around an ash of war. That being said, I do find that strength tends to have more options compared to dexterity. Another place were dexterity can shine is with "bullet" ashes of war. Any bullet ash of war that has a base keen, quality, lightning or cold affinity will scale well with dex.
logan9042: The lightning spear can be gotten early game. You get to the capital via one of the portals in the lake. The one with the regen talisman. Then you use the taunters tongue (which you got from killing the invader in the round table area). You will need to pop a fingers remedy. Wait there till you are invaded and the invader comes up the elevator to kill you. You now have access to the capital. You can then get to the spear by jumping from the roof of the little building right at the base of the spear to the ledge on the right side. It will take you a couple times. Quite and reloaded reset aggro after you get there then climb the spear. It's requires like 60 levels worth the stats so be careful about leveling before you get it. Flies away.
aquaesque3490: it took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that this was "best 15 builds focused on Dexterity" and not "best builds with 15 Dexterity"
Clockles87: Notification Squad!
CrappyCar: I always give up on parry builds so quickly. I may have to try with Golden Parry.

Looking forward to a new weapon video!

May 14 2024

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