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Elden Ring 7 Kills 1 Invasion Level Up From PvP 18

aadynfinchum9437: 7 kills 1 St. Trina's Torch
Cull_Obsidian: God DAMN the volcano manor invasion was the sweatiest I’ve seen Chase endure in ages!

I literally went through the Dynasty area today too and Varre was also in the pit for me! First time in 5 characters that’s happened.

Some random dropped me 99 numen runes in PvP so I’ve been level 138 for a while, probably going to stay there tbh. Even though it seems all the demo characters FromSoft made were 150.

Oddly enough Mogh is weakest to bleed!
BreadNHoney: Take a shot every time Chase says the summon is high level or tanky
sraxil7682: What about a plus 17 st trina's torch Chase
jackjacobs9868: That poor host seeing 6 of his summons die. Had to have been terrifying seeing chase come up the stairs
Alenbh4g: I wonder what that host was thinking when ALL of his summons were slowly being picked off one by one while he ran lmao
TheCrusader97: If John Wick can kill men with a pencil, then Chase can do it with fire on a stick
SkyWolfPirate: Here’s a do a torch build comment for you guys
AdrianMRyan: Mad respect to how you never give up no matter how much the odds are stacked against you. Always working for your chance.
juansalirrosas5649: I am here. Level up the torch.
Pharells: I did it ! I've learn how to hardswap ! Thanks chase
breakingbuds753: its gotta be terrifying running to resummon your bros only to keep seeing 'hunter died' only minutes after each one joins as the invader slowly takes his time to catch up to you. "chase the horror villian"
user__214: Chase there's a weapon you forgot to get that is northeast from the Consecrated Snowfield grace. It's in a treasure chest on a carriage. Trust me.
RedHotChiliBumz: super enjoying this series again. been watching these while playing subnautica

Jun 11 2024

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