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nailbombx2311: Missed a good opportunity for the name Poke Priest! ;)
valeriob36: About the unexpected range:
The Coded sword is the second longest straight sword, beaten only by the noble's slender sword.
baeber: the way god died was crazy and then the last invasion absolutely poetic
RedSunOfSin: 45 views in 4 minutes bro did not fall off
FellixNoAmatsu: You love using those weapons alot, I swear I seen at least 4 or 5 vids now with you using these blades.

I love this weapon as well, they're basically lightsabers but cooler.
JustLuminal: My lord that second invasion, you were so dead
I gasped hard as you killed the host
So so good!
Robot-Overlord: Kito nooooo
imperialmobilesuitgunamfin3663: I would love to face you sir if I could

Jun 01 2024

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