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Daggers are the Best Weapon in Elden Ring Elden Ring All Daggers Breakdown

yes-um9ic: Finally! Greatn't sword.
DejaVuJT: That damage on Blade of Calling is fucking insane.
kaje3435: the best use for basic dagger is to put utility ash of war for it, example:
- Buff with Golden vow and shared order
- Quick / Bloodhound Step
- Projectile with glintstone pebble, phalanx, sacred blade, and beast roar
- Easy status effect with chilling/poison mist, frost stomp, and bloody slash
ThorsShadow: While I do really don't like the seemingly insane amount of ads on your wiki-style site, I do understand, that keeping the servers running costs money and nothing in the world is free (in Germany we have a saying: "Nothing in life is free. Not even death, it costs one's life"). I do very much appreciate the information available on you site and even more appreciate your Youtube content. It's really, really nice imo.
anarchistangel2314: Pretty sure the Wakizashi exists entirely for those of us who want to roleplay the legendary gigachad himself, Miyamoto Musashi, alleged to be the creator of a dual wielding sword style that he called "two heavens as one," (super badass name by the way, why doesn't anyone name things like this anymore) which used either two katana or a katana paired with an offhand wakizashi. He was also a super interesting philosopher, I'd highly recommend anyone to read about him, fascinating guy
atquinn1975: As an over-leveled fool, the Glintstone Khris is monstrous. For a tertiary weapon, I switch between the Khris for distance and the Wing of Astel for dealing with large enemies (dragons, etc) up close.
JayNikki04: Cant wait for the fextra dagger build vids!!!
VileLasagna: One thing to add that kind of went unsaid in the pros and cons regarding critical damage:

Individual weapons have their own critical damage multiplier (i.e: two long swords with the same damage numbers, one with 100 crit and the other with 110, will have 10% crit damage difference between them) and daggers DO often have higher than normal multipliers, yes.... BUT ALSO

Different weapon classes have their own base crit multiplier for the class itself. A Dagger with 300 damage and 110 crit WILL DO more damage on a crit than a long sword with 300 damage and 110 crit. Daggers DO have the highest base crit multiplier it's their largest claim to fame, so to speak. They are followed in this by Thrusting Swords so if you want a crit-heavy tool that's slightly more versatile, something like the basic Rapier or the Rogier's Rapier are valid option (can confirm from recent personal experience, they pull in the numbers)
pr0cs: Chin-qwah-day-ah, the italian dagger
coreyhansen9711: Running a dagger playthrough right now!
Cinquedea Beastial Incantations is my favorite
Questroo-zv9gd: Torchs next?
Rick-bd3qd: Black knife is a really good utility in late ng cycles especially when stacked with the black blade incantation. The weapon and incant immediately rips of 20% of a bosses health with little risk
enzo_plays: Looking forward to seeing a new dagger build next!
bhoulihan: He did it with Daggers! I'm hype for this, always wanted to play a Rogue in Elden Ring.

May 23 2024

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