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Complete Elden Ring Lore Recap before Shadow of the Erdtree Episode 1

punishedvenomsnake716: Bruh, literally not even half an hour since the new Shadow of the Erdtree story trailer and Hawkshaw uploads a 1 hour ER lore vid.

To say that we're eating well would be the understatement to end all understatements
cujo7600: YESSSS A timeline video, cant wait to watch this forwards backwards and upside down till the second installment, stay safe!!
daveyjoneslocker4703: Man I love how this video just… starts. No fluff, no hand holding, no bad jokes.
Unkindpigeon.: Maybe the dragons pulled a Patrick.
"We take Farum Azula and PUSH it somewhere else!"
fungeon_bloke7525: Timeline mega-vids are back! Super excited for this series!
nicedraeger2794: I was today years old when I learned about Crystal darts' interaction with golems, imps etc
tristanneal9552: Only a quarter of the way through but I really enjoyed the dragon segment about Farum Azula. The three pillars were really nicely laid out
bonkaddicct8620: my new headcanon is that the ginormous skeletons are the ones who made the golem type enemies for fun like how we make little dnd or warhammer figurines. Like they basically made their own little armies and made them fight for fun.
mitchelherald3271: Nothing excites me more than a new Hawkshaw video. The Tarnished Archaeologist is close, but Hawkshaw is the OG.
JohnnyAppleFiend: Something that has occurred to me regarding the Draconian people is that "short lived" may be relative to the dragons and beasts around them. So they may even live longer than traditional humans but much shorter than what surrounded them in society.
Love the channel

May 27 2024

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