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Can I Beat Elden Ring Using A Seal Without Spells?

iHaveTheDocuments: 2 damage? Imagine using such an OP build, run invalid.
Bananaman559: Miyazaki should be forced to sit down and watch the fire giant deaths in this run
raresmargarit5016: Just give this man the DLC before he beats the game blindfolded while stranded in the ocean
theeternalbruh1267: "All that for a drop of blood"
prestoncrenshaw2914: When the DnD Cleric runs out of Spell Slots
theeternalbruh1267: Skumnut do a run where every enemy is a godskin noble, or godskin apostle, (50/50) and every boss is godskin duo, and randomize items!
BlackouttPlaysGames: my favorite things about skum in order:
1. his comically oversized chair
2. the horribly inappropriate things he says
3. his ability at the game
daubenyimpostor8566: The Jev reference at the beginning had me laughing
uncle_solaire: watching skum just proves this to me that no matter how hard you climb, you can always climb harder
likenahbro: How you do keep punishing yourself harder everytime you do one of these... WIth patience like yours, you might actually become a great dad one day. No cap.
lukusridley: i like how over the course of this run we can see our hero visibly aging physically and mentally
pokemans7705: "Its incantations not spells, clickbait!"
watches video
sylvesterbanini4164: Stop torturing yourself bud, just wait the DLC is on its way
ProbablyBacon: Now I wanna see just an actual playthrough. Like, how would the S Kum of the Nut actually beat the game if he could break away from Miyazaki’s curse?
J.aime_le_pain181: my guy would be amputated of all limbs and still post : " beating elden ring usind my ballsack because I don't have hands"
bilboinabag223: I've had the thought of this kind of run before, but thought that honestly a fists only run would be easier. The slowness of the attack of a seal is absurd! I'm surprised you managed to pull this off. Keep up the good work SCHUMnut.
lagideath: Now imagine that Rennala fight but you have to kill each of the three golden aura children every time in order to break the bubble during first phase

May 15 2024

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