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Can I beat Elden Ring HITLESS before Kai Cenat finshes casually?

ramenenjoyer5431: 1,700 deaths is outrageous
flvffy4328: once a month upload schedule is diabolical
Cobabler: “Respect for Kai to doing this, he is a lord” “Kai is probably, if not, thee worst Elden ring player. Maybe even video game player…”
obtusenugget4711: I was just watching old drinking game videos and then I get this notification. I never clicked so fast
AzazelHera: Did tevin think we wouldnt notice that the volcano manor picture when he explained the regions is just dragonbarrow?
BajoniGoblin254: Holy fuck its the anime drinking gamer
daisyjohnson4837: tevin cheering when moongrum beat kai's ass us such unbelievable hater shit that had me howling
AZKing-bl3ip: I would like to see more of this
joshun6845: glad tevin can give some exposure to small content creators
azk6454: more!
dooriscool3413: Yo Tev, stopped watching you a while ago but loved the video, keep it up!

May 19 2024

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