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Can ANY Boss Survive The Tower Defense? Elden Ring

uptildawnltd3253: Radahn:
Halibel764: Congratulation to Godrick to have defeated one ennemy. He's like 100 times weaker than Godfrex so this is a significant event.
ub-4630: My money is on Gideon.
mysteriousfigure2683: Radahn: literally jumps from orbit in the form of a giant meteor, bringing in an impact with enough force to level a continent
Flaming chariot: “Y’all feel somethin?
leo_lwrnc: The ball moving Malenia in a flower is so fucking funny lmao
kanekitchen3802: The Gideon stuff never fails to get a laugh out of me
ub-4630: "My name is Godrick, which is short for, "God... Rick, you're always so incompetent!" Which is what all my peers call me."
cp-js4qi: Our boy Gideon going for the crossbows one by one with the Aeonia was such a big brain move. And then he got repeatedly ran over. Classic.
69mihail96: The flamethrower machine is so effective because enemy AI doesn't know to go after the small guy in the back and their AoE doesn't hit him.
Osteichthyes: Did...that ball just pull a Spongebob?
"Why don't we take the Scarlet Rot, and push it somewhere else?"
Toot7.: Watching Maliketh running towards that chariot with 1 hp only to be killed broke my heart ):
Alex-xi2nz: I like how Godrick blew right through those defenses!
zandorvorkov7257: Ofnir's AI bypassing the flamethrowers was kind of impressive.
oliverl.9004: That honk of the Chariot running over Godfrey
fabricioresmini1542: the fact that godrick died on his own defences can proves three things: or he is really weak or the defences are really good or maybe both
liegeparadox2624: I think I know why malenia is so op, at least in these fights: normally, in game design, players have high damage, low health, and enemies have high health, low damage. This makes the player feel stronger, because their damage numbers are bigger compared to their health. In Elden ring, this remains mostly true. The difference is that individual hits from the enemies have high damage, but are easy to dodge, resulting in overall higher damage. Enemies don’t dodge (usually, and when they do, they have lower health), which is why these fights work.

Now, Malenia’s healing is based off the damage she does. Against a player, dodging her attacks, it’s not much. Against other bosses who don’t? She has so much healing. Not to mention with her fluttery jumpiness, she sort of dodges too, and her arena has scaling values just for her, which are the highest in the game. Oh, and I almost forgot: scarlet rot is op, but that’s kind of just the cherry on top. The pure damage of her flower kills most things before the rot can even do any work.
MonsterHunterAdv28: I can’t wait to see, “Can ANY Boss Survive The Headless Abductor Virgin!”
InfernoVerse975: Putting Radahn against anything that drains tons of health in a short amount of time is criminal.
aurorapax5112: Gideon sounded like he said "my balls" the third time he fell down and my drink came out my nose
SomeUserk: Gonna guess before watching, godfrey will make it with his stomp, and probably malenia just because she is malenia. Astel is 50/50

May 31 2024

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