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Bloodbornes Yharnam Remade In ELDEN RING Is Unbelievable!

HunterBloodHunterBlood: This mod feels like the author put, “quantity” over, “quality”
Chom-Chom: Wasnt expecting Bloodborne remake to look like the average Unity game
heyimurchin6575: I saw Bloodborne and clicked almost immediately. Prod playing with my feelings like that.
saltysmoke: Not putting on more crab souls is very shellfish of you
mannytprimeministerofthemanate: Either the character is too small for the environment, or the environment is too big for the character. I don’t know which but smt feels off. Aside from that seeing all the nokron assets reused to make up yarhnam felt so right that it hurt. Like fromsoft is teasing us by putting something so similar to BB but never giving us a remake/sequel.
krishnansubramoni7801: Credit to the mod author for painstakingly (presumably) recreating Yharnam's level layout with accuracy. Now all they need is to polish it as best they can and we basically have Bloodborne in Elden Ring.
(And personally, I'd swap the Death Rite Bird for a Mountaintops Troll for the Cleric beast fight. The Mountaintops Trolls look closer to the cleric beasts, and have no chance of flying off)
valentinvas6454: A few more years and modders might actually remaster Bloodborne for PC
riemaennchen: Its Bloodborne. But from the looks of it your character is about half the size.^^
savanna2dope: Lmao the sound of the diplomat committing death
aggressiveorgandonor6443: I can't believe that Prod died 6 years ago and this is an AI copy of him to keep the channel going. RIP.
Underournorthernstar: "Yosefka" 10 sec in and i'm already triggered.

May 26 2024

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