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Blood Tax Is INSANE Elden Ring

adamstevens3661: Dude that pumpkinhead invasion. 1 health panic rolling for sooooo long. Your fan daggers were totally hitting everywhere but him
cosesu8929: Ok, so which ER YouTuber is doing a "fang thrust" build that everybody is now copying this time.
realbloodydoves: Lost, you might be seeing so many people put Piercing Fang on the Nagakiba because it comes
MisterHavel: Lost may i introduce you to a build of mine? It's a hybrid of tank/faith build and it's extremely good at level 150. And the name of the build is: The dragon paladin.

Vigor: 60

Mind: 21

Endurance: 30

Strength: 19

Dexterity: 13

Intelligence: 9

Faith: 70

Arcane: 7

Talisman used: flock’s Canvas, Crimson amber medallion 2, Dragoncrest Greatshield And Great-Jar’s Arsenal.

Incantations: Any buffs you want, all ancient dragon spells and the ruin dragon head.

Armor used: banished head and chest pieces and veteran gauntlets and Greaves.

Weapon used: zwëihander flame art with ash of war: Lion’s claw

This build is all yours, Lost. you earned my greatest build.
monsieurdorgat6864: It's still insane to me how bad it is that they put DS3's latency resolution into ER, given the extra latency the game has. Just spamming roll becomes straight invincibility. They really should have used DS2's latency resolution instead - it wouldn't have been perfect, but the problems would have been more tolerable.
_Bunger_: If God is real they will add vow silence back in the DLC
Oltiemal: Repeating Thrusts But Better
lharsay: Not 100% but I think the Forked Hatchet gets a Barbaric Roar R2-R1 true combo.

Jun 08 2024

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