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Become STRENGHT | Elden Ring

judiobag2841: I love the bit where you misspell strength in every title, never change lost
demiurge7111: Typo in title go brrrr
FatalKenshen: the scaled and scale set?, I see you're a man of rust culture.
Mad_Peasant_King: I love coming back to elden ring and getting a parry off of a whiff running attack on someone being a drooler with dual straight swords
M333STA: I'm always early, with lost videos and with my woman.
ryanlamb8458: Loving the zelda music
ericw1049: Last time i was this early, the doctors called me premature
squire0: Love the armor and theme!
madcurseman2547: Oh no hes Lost, lets Find him.

May 12 2024

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