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Asmongold Reacts to ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Story Trailer

RiverRockXIII: Players: Give us DLC
Miyazaki: Here's Elden Ring 2
thezeddy: this dlc is cheaper than the king kong glove in call of duty....let that sink in
kiel71092: Looks like asmons life is gonna be changed again.
natediaz1863: Miyazaki is writing his own ending to Berserk
dougallen5734: Miyazaki didn’t have to go this hard on a Tuesday morning
Micky075: In the dark times of gaming, Fromsoftware is like a beacon of light.
kusozako_: bro, I cannot wait for the 5hr Vaati video.
ShadyDavev3: "My life will never be the same"
next title for elden ring dlc
yuruclip: i admit their art direction is unrivaled
knuckleheadwestwind3585: “We are so lucky that these guys make games”

I’m going to remember that line, it’s a good one!
lefunghi6151: The second musical theme together with the images is so much more incredible than I would've ever expected from this trailer
Yasviele: "One that could never be put to song" This is why metal was born
paulolopes5939: Im ready to get my ass kicked
Deathscythe91: so this is what a "AAAA" game looks like
Max-ep5ir: "This DLC changed my life"
K3Vz0: Let Miyazaki cook
mcmarkmarkson7115: Dante's inferno is back on the menu boys!
emperorweskatine8999: First game to win GOTY twice
Lord_Orpheo: Could this be the year that a DLC wins Game of the Year?
lordpadric2521: this will change his life for 1000%
Varindran: He's ready to spam jump heavy with two spears though the entire game.
Hiyooma: from someone who never played Elden Ring this trailer actually gave me shivers I need to play this game.
5dollarshake263: I haven't even played a minute of Elden Ring, I've been waiting for the perfect time to start it and I think that time is now.
william7182: meanwhile at Ubisoft:

"bLaCk SaMUrAi mATtEr"
RichSmithson: Nice to see Asmon genuinely excited for a game and not just chasing nostalgia with WOW.
CatSpittingFacts: "We're so lucky these guys make games"

Truer words have never been spoken..
Paul_W_222: "Pure and radiant, he wields love to shrive clean the hearts of men... there is nothing more terrifying"
RiverRockXIII: now this... this makes me Smile.
chrisbanos1112: Miyazaki's cooking
GhostLyricist: You know it's gonna be a certified hood classic when the PEGI 16 hits.
aryateja5541: By Marika's Feet, Im so hyped
RjRafael21: Seems like that in a month, we all are going to disappear
osama9501: Fromsoft never miss their random Tuesdays trailers
helalalmheiri5844: The Golden Crescent things are the new graces for the DLC area
lala97849: FromSoftware: Impales people in everlasting bleeding agony
Blizzard: BUT FAMILYY. lmao
marcpelosi380: That shot of him with his arms bound up in the gold with his hair flowing back is one one of the of the most breathtaking pieces of art I have ever seen.
OzzyInSpace: In a world where gaming is on it's head; From Software just prints GOLD. TAKE MY MONEY
Zarithos: Since Fromsoft isn't working on another DLC. It really makes me wonder what other project they're working on.
IIIiiiDAWiiiIII: jump attack hero will return...
jarad9946: Asmon watching a story trailer is akin to trying to teach a child physics
AC-ov5ny: It’s funny how pretty much everybody watches these, has absolutely no clue what they just saw, but is still hyped af anyways.
darkxzero13: Gonna quarantine myself for 2 weeks again. We going back to maidenless with this one bois
mosey4121: Look at the difference in attitude when watching a game that people actually put time into to make compared to anything sweet baby inc poops out lol
kunstlerischesetwas1284: This feeling, ohh this feeling of pure joy and excitement for a game, i have missed it so much
Schnabetier: With how often Asmon is cynical about the state of the gaming industry (and rightfully so), it's nice seeing him have a genuine smile the whole way through the trailer.
In a way these Elden Ring cinematic trailers are what the blizzard cinematics used to be.
refugeehugsforfree4151: Nothing even happened in the trailer.

May 26 2024

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