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Another WILD Elden Ring DLC Theory! The Truth of St Trina and Messmer Reaction

mr.devilraven6956: miyazaki must be giggling to himself looking at all these theories
Kelly-fd: Tomdiggity dropped another video yesterday I believe that i think you'll find pretty interesting Ziostorm
Mario-SunshineGalaxy64: I think Miquella would’ve accepted Omens, the problem was that most Omens are spawn-killed, used as slave soldiers, or trapped in a concentration camp underneath Leyndell. There’s simply no opportunity for them to be taken to the Haligtree.
nicholasheine6134: I didn't take the "abandoning his fate" bit as he (Miquella) cast aside St. Trina. I had the impression that he cast aside his empyrean/golden side. So, we are seeing his literal fall from "grace" and his becoming St. Trina.
robaustin_: The Gloam Eyed Queen = Marika's Shadow self that she shed to become a "flawless" god.

Gloam eyed queen is a snake.
Ontos99: I'm Ontos. Thank you for reacting my video, Ziostorm. As a long time follower of your channel, I was very happy to get this notification.

If you watch my 'Elden Ring's Metaphysics' video, you'll get a much better context for the timeline I'm proposing.

Especially the GEQ angle you brought up. GEQ is appointed by GW's fingers which is written in the 'Black Flame Ritual' item description, setting the timeline post-Erdtree where the Greater will is the dominant theocracy in the realm. At least that's my reading.

Also RoD is plucked from the 'ring' after Golden order was created which is how GEQ was able to wield it in the first place.

I hope you also react to the metaphysics video and find value in the insights I try to bring to the table.

Much love,
saidsaydaminov8981: Miquella is Alexander.
colingrogan111: Im kinda wrapping back around on the idea that Mesmer is a type of Freddie Kruger figure; brutal ruler and tormenter of omens in their sleep. He will use a type of blood flame to mirror mogh’s influence on Miquella while they rest the cocoon. I think the DLC will be, on a surface level, about purging Mesmer and Mogh’s influence from Miquella and liberating the sleep/shadow realm as a result.
Animefan-800: 22 days for dlc
Nathan_Coley: Tomdiggity dropped another video yesterday I believe that i think you'll find pretty interesting Ziostorm.
brodiebaxter99: Worth noting that the symbol of the omen is a sun with omen horns, as seen on the Dung Eater's armor and made a mockery of on the Wickermen. It's not supposed to be Messmer's symbol, just like how the fire giant symbols on the knees of the Wickermen are fire giant heads. It's more likely intended to make light of and mock their culture and spiritual symbols. Also, the notion of the Crucible and the Dragons being opposed is strange to me, considering that almost, if not all, of the omen features we see are manifestations of draconic traits. Horns, tails, claws and fangs. Breath weapons, wings, and scales. All draconic in nature. Hell, even Runebears can be tied back to dragons through gravelstone and their eyes. I'm sure it's more complex than a simple "the crucible and the dragons are opposing forces"

Jun 01 2024

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