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An Incorrect Summary of Elden Ring Rot Gold

Golden12500: I thought I'd only see Rot and Gold when I was Rotten and Old
LittleMountain90: "You could've had a child during that time"

My wife who gave birth 5 days ago: "We did!"
angryjotunn: "One day, my brother will find his way home by the smell of the bodies"

I have never been more scaroused in my entire life
Pilps: Oh yeah, it’s about to get biblical
water_color: Waterfowl is too fast for the untrained eye but we are trained by Max0r’s crackhead editing
MKSTAB: I'm of the theory that Malenia repeats her opening phrase not because she's trying to be intimidating, but because she's still trying to affirm her own identity in the face of the mental corrosion inflicted by the Rot.
_HerKu: "I am Malenia...
Blade of Michelin"
teddybearpaladin: “What hate crime did stairs commit?”

If you ever have to go up multiple flights of stairs, you know those hateful steps did.
Eg-ej6nx: "One day, my brother will find his way home by the smell of the bodies"
Is such a raw fucking line holy shit i almost wish it was in base game. That VA sold the shit outta that, great shit Maxor!
jackdaniels6441: Yo maxor. Ik im just a random comment, but i think im not the only one that thinks your elden ring vids are some of the best stuff on youtube period. Ik it must be hard to live up to the hype each time, so take all the time you need etc. We're already grateful for this amazing series. Elden ring is something i got into thanks to your vids, im sure im not the only one. Thanks for making this fantastic series. You're the goat
alexisrios4991: Malenia: Can you fucking stop now?
Tarnished: Do you have anything better to do?
Malenia: Long pause.
gabrielschaldach401: The delivery of "FUCKING JOKE" was absolutely perfect
Drifter-while-hungry: Loved it when Malenia said, “it’s waterfouling time” and waterfouled all over the tarnished
Nick-mp1zh: "You could've had a child during that time."

Well Maxor, I did. Little Eleanor watches your videos with me, she has no fuckin clue what's going on but she has a good time anyway.
johnnyawe1469: "I hope you're ready to laugh. Because I'm about to make Caelid look like a FUCKING JOKE!" Is a line that goes so hard. Props to Cottontail for the incredible voice work.
thescholarofAK: “I am Malenia, blade of Miquella. And I have never known defeat.”

One singular goldfish: ”b e t”
bowbam2895: Now hes just needs to make two more videos after the dlc drops to cover the entire game
KingJelza789: Malenia: Can you Fucking Stop Now ?

Me: Lady, I wasn’t even planning on fighting you, I was trying tell you that I found where your brother is.

kingbash6466: "I have killed fifteen of you today. I will kill twenty of tomorrow."

God, even in a maxor video Malenia is unironically the most badass character in the room.
reconfrostbird: Project Moon music detected: Activating Project Moon sleeper agents
Theantininja: Take everything you saw about what Malenia can do...

...and then remember someone was enough of a masochist to learn how to fight her without taking a single hit.
WeFightForKarl: CottontailVA outdid herself with this voice acting! 100/10
13thephantom: Cotton's Malenia impression gave me shudders, Max0r did such an amazing job casting her and getting those Malenia shots the dedication is actually insane
Silver49917: "I hope you're ready to laugh. Because I'm about to make Caelid look like a fucking joke!"

What is it with Max0r videos and having some of the rawest lines ever uttered by human lips.
amog8202: Miquella built an entire city for his 5 million disabled peasants with unalloyed beams, screws borrowed from godfrey, and haligtree wood veneer
aidanedwards8931: She is Malenia, Blade of Miquella, and she has never known defeat.
windowsxp5984: Hearing so much project moon music in one video through me through a loop lol
Two limbus company themes,
keter 3 floor theme from ruina,
And a couple seconds of lob corps third warning?
My brain rot knows no bounds
visiblegr: Bro that thumbnail GOES SO HARD
selahgray3388: Y'know the video is good when you get hit with the "Get pregnant get pregnant" combo not even thirty seconds in.
CottontailVA: HAPPY BDAY MAX0R !! i hope you have the best day!!
thank u for havin me, your work is fantastic and you continue to impress and stun with every new video. it is an honor.
yoriavila4308: Do you hear it...?....Limbus Company music....? Sleeper agents.....rejoice!
Tuna989: The malenia segment just made me want to see Maxor make his own game the dialogue is actual bars
akumuryuu: "There is only running away from it and watching it get closer" is honestly such an epic line.
ChrisMcClelland-zf5fc: The fact you kept Malenia’s original line and didnt change it because it slaps so hard is perfect
ZKP314: Imma be honest-I’m more hyped for the Max0r vs Lore Man fight than the one with the final boss.

Him fighting the Blade of Michigan is probably gonna be the icing on this cake (before the DLC releases).
dectilon: I learned after beating Malenia (so... so many tries...) that waterfowl dance can be interrupted by bombs. Hand grenades: the natural enemy of the duck.
purplehaze2358: "I love all of God's creatures. Unless they run faster than me."
Doesn't that apply to most medium-to-large animals under the kingdom animalia? We're not exactly a swift species.
linoone8325: If what Cotten said about this being your birthday is true, then that means we share a birthday! And since you gave me this amazing birthday present, I thought I would give you one too! (Even if it’s not much)

In all seriousness, you should be incredibly proud of this video, while it may be shorter that your usual videos, the quality is what I come here for, and it is even more of an improvement than last time. Everything I love about your videos, editing style, music taste, and sense of humor is here and firing on all cylinders (Oracle Envoy slander is always appreciated).

And finally, the Malenia section; it’s perfect. The editing, the jokes, the music, CottonTailVA as the voice of Malenia, the Montage at the end (the coolest montage you’ve done so far); all of it is phenomenal and you could not have done it better, you absolutely did it justice.

Don’t listen to anybody who gives you crap about the length of the video or the fact that it only gets to the Haligtree (both of which were things you mentioned before the video came out). You always deliver the highest quality in every way possible and this is no exception. So, once again, thank you so much for giving us this amazing video, which you should feel extremely proud of! And once again, Happy Birthday my man.

(I’d apologize for writing an essays worth of words about your video, but they are absolutely deserving of this much praise, so I’m not gonna say I’m sorry.)
sirensong1794: i think max0r is trying to tell us the dlc will be about miquella evading the multiple charges of OSHA violations by going to another realm entirely
tdimensional6733: Oh my fucking god I was not ready to get flashbanged by the Canto 5 fight music in the first four seconds of the video
biankmind9766: Maxor for the love of god PLEASE put a list of songs in order of appearance in your descriptions I need some of theses in my life
whitehat8973: My project moon sleeper agent got awoken in the first 20 seconds
This is gonna be fun
shirokage1721: I just KNEW that it was Cottontail voicing Malenia. She's such a great talent
thedrake5072: Bro when the Limbus Company Music started playing While I was playing Limbus Company.
Surreal Moment man
Dis_Dis: Every comically large ladder has to be accompanied by an acapella. It's the law.
mad_max103: We're so back, this is gonna be one of the videos of all times for sure
DracoWraith: This video's editing is so tame. It feels like medicated Max0r. Or maybe unmedicated Max0r if we assume Max0r is a stimulant fiend normally.
iforgotmymoney: didn't expect to hear limbus company and library of ruina music in a max0r video
justagamer2485: “You could have had a child in that time”
My sister did…
BotBigSmokeNoob: I love how Max0r uses the Project moon music from Library of Ruina And Limbus Company really top tier OSTs
bon-bon321: Honestly l miss the millions of memes that would be sublimely flashed before my eyes in his others videos. At least l will no long get carpal tunnel from all the pausing.
JD-jl4yy: Maxor's videos have been getting less unhinged over time
ShadowAraun: fun fact about Malenia: she can't dodge Invisible Sorcery like Night Comet, and her AI in phase 1 is coded to take the hit, side step, run toward you for a bit, then walk. as long as you wait for her run stop and walk she will only ever do Waterfowl once in phase 1 at 70%, if you hit her with a 2nd night comet right after she side steps she will ALWAYS waterfowl. phase 2 has more openings, fully charged night comet with 2 gemless staves and other relevant buffs and accessories can down each phase in 10 hits.
thescholarofAK: List of things that can beat Malenia:
1. Skilled Tarnisheds
2. A pothead
3. A goldfish
4. Ten balls
KASZTAN191: Thie the calmest maxor video I watched

Jun 03 2024

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