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A Lightning Build SO BROKEN It Feels Like CHEATING Elden Ring

One_Millisec: No, Tarnished. You can't buff your fork by sticking it in the electrical outlet. Stop.
Esponea_482: "We like big numbers." OH YES WE DOOOOO!
corvus71: Melina, you only bully me because you know you like me...
ganon1028: roderika has become too cute she's lost the brummie accent slightly lol
topcat59: You actually got a sponsor, I didn’t know you get those bro.
kirby1872: the mystery thingy / thingie weapon is the uchigatana (katana)
xenosayain1506: Fun fact to make this scarier. If latency is good, 2h rogier rapier has a true combo of impaling thrust into r2.
Brun0ff: Yeah Big Balls are not enough i confirm GG's !
giuliomatrone733: the mistery thingy today is the uchi
joseduran7104: "Laughs in law of regression"
sincere9222: Big numbers make my brain do the happy chemicals

May 23 2024

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