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Diablo 4 Items: Leaderboard Legends Arise

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Rise, wanderer. Starting on March 19, sealing your legacy in the absolute highest spot of each Ladder will earn you the ultimate spoil of war. Until April 2, if you secure the absolute top spot of any Ladder and are eligible for entry within the , you’ll receive a personalized, custom autographed poster from the incredible Micah Ulrich.

There will be two full weekly rotations of the Gauntlet to cement yourself as a Leaderboard Legend. Only true masters who stand at the top of the Gauntlet at the end of each week (Tuesday, 8 a.m. PT) will lay claim to the glory of these coveted spoils. On weekly reset, if you have the highest score in any given Ladder, you will be a winner for that week. Your efforts immortalized with an autographed print from Micah Ulrich that proudly displays your ID.

For Solo Ladders, there will be one winner each week per solo class Ladder, separated by Normal and Hardcore characters. For those that slay in company, there will be 18 total multiplayer winners per week across Hardcore and Normal. Winners for pairs, 3-player, and 4-player groups will all win a coveted print bearing their achievement.

For full details on the Leaderboard Legends, check out the Forums . For full details on The Gauntlet itself, our blog is available . To see our official Gameplay Guide for the Gauntlet, it’s also available . To see more of Micah’s illustrious work, check out his and .

Rise to the absolute pinnacle of the Gauntlet and let this bespoke art signify your undeniable prowess.

May kills be swift and your Proofs aplenty.
-The Diablo IV team

Mar 13 2024

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