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Would A Diablo 4 Player Who Quit Come Back For Season 4?

Startrance666: Most gamers quit games.
sol5916: I quit when they released season 1. I'll be back for this one. It sounds silly, but them allowing you to log your codex of power and zoom out the camera changes everything for me.
thomasmudraschk9160: "D4 Bad Radio" is all we need...
CCSplinters: The one thing that pisses me off for S4 is you get a ton of power in your items like 30% damage to Bone Spear but your skill tree is like "would you like another 2% for that sir?"
nerm9507: This video is maybe unintentionally a great breakdown/recap of all the new features that have been added to the game
Scottysaweet: Diablo is such a beautiful, but massively lackluster game. I still have it installed and when I hover over the play button, I just say "nah" and go play literally anything else.
Hiyall985: Been playing since original D2 days, and in fairness D3 had a bit of a rough start and ended up a very good game. I'm hoping this is the turning point for D4 and things just keep getting better from here. The recent base game changes that were made I think will help a lot, so we'll see how season 4 itself (and future seasons) play out. Worth at least trying it to see how it goes IMO.
LordJaroh: @DarthMicrotransaction TV I need to disagree with your take that the game will play different in Season 4.

The reason I quit playing the game is because the dungeon-running is identical from level 1 to level 100 and beyond. That is going to be the same as before.

Character Progression has not changed, skill variety and paragon boards both, so that will be identical to before.

Because those things are not changing, the game will play the same, whether the items are a bit different or not. That is my issue with the game. All they have been doing is "speeding up" the game, which only treats the symptoms, but not the problems.
bosssavage3325: I played enough hours to justify the money I spend for the entertainment I received and have no desire to continue.
saiyajinog7424: I think the only thing that would make me come back to the game would be a story expansion and a new class to play the new old content with

May 13 2024

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