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TOP 10 BEST Builds To Play In Diablo 4 Season 4!

ItsChrisFtw: Finally a good Diablo YT channel. No sweaty, boring mfers.
TheJukeboxzero: Sticking with whirlwind dust devils on the Barb - love the spin 2 win
gradclvz3501: What is a Necromancer Class in S4? A Necromancer is a better version of a Sorcerer. You can even play him like a Sorcerer and he will still excel in everything. This is a truly imbalanced Class
Sternreign: At 75 I easily did a tier 47 NMD. Minion necro. Just got done optimizing my gear for leveling. Did 1 10 Helltide with the build... this is a lot of fun.
gotwafflesbish6909: Minions are crazy but blight shadow is so much fun to me. I was skeptical about playing Diablo but dot builds are my jam and blight is sooooo much fun. Leveled with minions until I got lucky drops to transition but damn are they strong. I nicknamed my golem deebo, he was wrecking everything
paul48526: Dude wtf this is so hilarious and educational. subbed!
warpmaster1597: Awesome stuff mate. My jury duty ends today , so I can start blasting this afternoon.
NotoriousTJL: Loving the Minion Cringy Emo Edge Lord but still waiting on that sexy end game version
Chse.a: Ain’t even been 10 seconds in and I’m already laughing
EVANTAYLOR-bp7bh: Love the thumbnail
rockkiller124: I tried werenado build but I don't think its working as intended, everything was on cooldown while my spirit was running out mad fast. I went back to lightning storm wolf build and had no issue.

May 18 2024

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