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Thorns Minions Are Broken Diablo 4 Necromancer Build Guide Season 4

subzero308: This is the only unique that hasn't dropped for me yet (not counting ubers lol) and its the only one ive wanted because i love thorn minions.
seipher_8334: This an amazing off the wall build my friend. I love content creators like you that think outside the box and dont just fall in line with everyone else. Very well done keep it up.
Raivazz: definitely looks interesting but tbh seeing that lifebar spiking up and down is a huge turn off for me. thorns barb is much easier in that sense
sirkay9: Imagine getting convinced over the course of a week to drop 2bil on a razorplate. Thorn cope never dies
steven-jamesfritz3634: I have had thirns necro since season start glad to see people are touching up on it now! It's so fun
edward7410: I have been waiting for this video from the start of season 4
necromancer4285: I have been Thorns from day 1 of season 4. I love Bone Golem the 2nd skill that makes Vulnerable. He runs in, taunts and everything dies also adds vulnerable to bosses and you can usually just spam it with decrepify. My build doesn't even use an Ultimate skill, not needed in my experiences. I do use ring of sacriligious to continously trigger Aphotic to heal me.
Ge_n_Ge: Can you try it in PvP before I respec plz?
gotwafflesbish6909: i was running a thorns build and this build just opened my eyes....ive been mages from the start but now with thorns omg chefs kiss. appreciate the vid
Xenc5: Thanks for the Hellbent Commander tips
fittiskogen: Nice! I have been playing thorns necro since release

May 30 2024

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