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The WORST Diablo 4 Video Ive Ever Seen

Frostylaroo: Thanks so much for making a react video! You are a ridiculously funny dude and just in case there is legal action I might have to work on a react compilation video to afford those fees. P.S. Expect some half-assed super boring streams from me soon
kinggrimmjow8980: I own a motorcycle
pedropushnjik: "I own a motorcycle" haha fucking cracked me up man.
Naklov351: The thing about Frostys videos is that I get to listen to it 4 times after my first viewing.

Watching it with :
Kaspisify: The only reason everyone is playing a minion build now is because this is literally the first non-gimmick minion build that has been end game viable since the skellie necro on Diablo 2. Some people have been waiting like 20 years for this so.
juniorceccon: "I have a motorcycle". That was all I needed to hear, I am downloading diablo 4 finally.
GregariousGrog: 4th last chance before their last last chance. It’s gettin tight guys
jeffgriffith9692: The paper towel roll was some next level gold.
Syrion84: Bro, Frosty got you good. That was hilarious.
MediocreGamingDood: You have to admit that "DM Loves Rhykker" is a catchy tune.
kooler8586: He's got you as team America's Matt Damon
XxSakuraxX395: Paper towel roll ! We know your secret!
sindex: I saw Frosty's vid when it went live, and I've been waiting for this. I laughed so hard I cried as DM talked about being taken out of context, because I was thinking "Dude, you have no idea what's coming..."
Uelibertiga: "My lawyers will be in touch". So they are joining you, rax and rhyker? Can´t wait for the next episode of my favorite telenovela.

May 26 2024

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