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The State of Diablo 4 in Season 4

dukenukem2480: You gotta get over the gold problem which isn’t there. Whispers takes literally 5 min. 2 red dungeons or 2 pvp boss kills fills it and you have 10 mill gold. Please stop trying to force the game to be nothing but “nightmare dungeon only because nothing else matters” please let the game have variety. The gold is perfect right now. Grind gold, or grind xp, or grind glyphs, or grind loot. Game would suck if you force all of that to come from 1 activity
ByGeorge846: Me: wakes up
rudleylegerme4457: The fact that you can finally speed boost on your horse in town got me!
nephram1702: I messed around for a few hours last night. The game is crazy now. Whispers, helltides, nmd all feel better. The codex of power is fantastic. It feels the true release of the game.
Scottysaweet: literally the first dungeon I did on Hardcore... butcher kills me at lvl 8
bonelessthincrust: The best new thing by far is legendary aspects being automatically stored (and stored forever) when you salvage a legendary. I had a stash full of max roll aspects that I never used because I was always waiting for that perfect piece to use it on. I'm the same kind of player that will finish every Final Fantasy having never used an elixir or megalixir, because "I better save it" mentality won every time.
Nipperbibbo: Raxx: we need a way to make reliable gold, selling your items instead of salvaging feels bad

Also Raxx: i have so many crafting mats, I don't pick up items anymore to salvage
UnknownCommenter: Coming back after a year, it's so much better it's unreal. I'm having a blast!
bighammer3464: Bruh is at lvl 100 hardcore and doesn’t even need to fully upgrade his potions.
MiCKEYDiAMONDSS: Diablo 4’s 9 month beta is over
thehotspotgamer8496: Whats great about this system is everyone is enjoying it cuz we all took a long ass break lmao.
bungmonkey2295: The new helltides are kick ass. I like the nydus worm that spits out zerg I mean demons
tipep: The tooltip on the Caches states their power. They are named Legendary/Sacred Legendary/Ancestral Legendary Cache.
mathew00: I'm loving the Codex of Power changes. So great!
MikeSakaru: Personally with the gold issue, I really don't want it to be more common outside of whispers. It's nice to have such genuine motivation to interact with multiple mechanics. You definitely shouldn't be able to just run Nightmare Dungeons and not have to worry about gold. Nightmare Dungeons already have multiple reasons to be running them, they're already quality content.

Whispers being the preeminent way to get gold is a good function for it, that other content can't really offer. That's great. Helltides are already amazing, Nightmare Dungeons are already amazing. I'm definitely not for them removing the major function of Whispers by just giving you a bunch of gold elsewhere. I do agree with the fact that Whisper turn in giving WT4 Nightmare Sigils could be nice.
____GoMeZ____: I think it'd be cool if they added another Capstone event once you hit level 100 that unlocked a new end game mechanic. It'd help to add the feeling of "Ok i am now truly in the end game"
BobFoy1988: We really need to have a happy medium with speed of progression. The same people complaining about a lack of content also complain about not being able to min max a char in one 12 hour playing session. I do agree we need endgame, and i dont want a long drawn out leveling situation, but we need to meet in somewhere in the middle.
____GoMeZ____: I think the identity of the game lies in Helltides. Its dark, demonic, full of blood etc. It just fits - plus the monster density just feels right. It's a blast leveling in it now.

Plus the amount of "holy shit" moments where theres like 20 elites on screen and more are popping up is crazy
jaysonbird3975: Lvl 50 couch dad. So far so good. Damage numbers off and the new "dark" filter games looking better too. Hardcore is hardcore indeed and the way to play always.
josegouvea7676: Instead of skipping yellows, you could pick them and sell them for gold
Sharon-hr2: quin put it best for me: „i logged in, teleported to helltide and felt a part of me die inside”.
RafaelW8: Raxx: I was looking forward to making a video about mostly good things in D4.

Good things in the video - 15 minutes long
Bad things in the video - 30 minutes long
GibbssYT: I like that gold is tough. Stop making it easy. Stop thinking gold struggle is bad, there has to be things you grind for
nt03hamlin: I wish there was more ways to change skills and what they do. There's just no fun unique builds
Ramblr: What I love is that he doesn’t just make complaints, he also gives possible solutions. Well done, man!
VileWarsmith: Its been 12 hours my boy!!! Thank you, Raxx. For all the dope and informational content. You're the man to watch.
Jdiroe: Diablo 4 is in the best spot it’s been in since launch for sure! I want it to be perfect too but I’m currently enjoying the changes. Necromancer is absolutely busted however
hansolo8080: I think the horse sprint in town came from the fact that EVERY spell that did damage was disabled.
ineedtogetalife86: My Xbox died from a power surge 2 days before the update dropped. Such is life...
michalski7229: I made it to level 60 yesterday in my playing session and man do I have actually fun again in D4 so far. I'll see how things are once I'll hit the endgame, but the leveling experience is just fantastic as is the feeling I had in the very beginning of the game.. "man there's just no downtime to take a break" :D
sephrinx4958: Day 1 of honeymoon. Do this again in 2 weeks.
aspikbardamu6040: The game is much better but it is a bit sad the "journey" to end game is that fast. we got many recipies(blue one) for example that we will use only for 2 hours gameplay - without rushing it took me 4 hours to go from 1 to 50 and drop to WT3.
All the drops until ancestral will be used for 30 min and not much sense to engage with.
Now that the game has more meat would be nice if they could slow down a bit the pace.
Not only level 100 is important.
Seanidor: One thing that was a little annoying when tempering was that if you don't get the effect you wanted you have to go all the way back through the list and find that one specific temper to try again. If you temper something, just keep that same temper selected so you can click once if you need to try again.
Kerr15: Leaderboards are a big thing to me friendly competition is fun. Hell I’d like to see total damage at the end of world bosses or nightmare dungeons
korn7809: When leveling is so fast what's the point in levels?
dwarfcow: I started my necro minion build yesterday around 7:30pm, I was level 44 before I went to bed around 11, when i got my seasonal caches I felt a huge boost, fighting mobs never became frustratingly difficult where I felt like my power progression was going backwords due to monster scaling (which happened every single time I've tried to play the game previously) - it's just been a fun grind with rewarding levels of experience and loot. I actually want to try making some other classes and keveling them up when i get done toying with the end game, just to see how it plays. I LOATHED the thought of grinding new characters before.
Shagrath06: That was fast Raxx, GZ!
Greetings from Croatia.
aldawgd: Requesting less yellow is a weird request. If you want to walk past them then cool. Don’t take them out for others though
giano3715: somehow I'm not hating the speed of levelling because I know I will be pouring in more time on crafting my end game items.
84Xeros: I’m very positive about D4 but I don’t like the fast leveling experience.
It was fine in season 2.
Or create an endgame leveling system.

Now most people will probably done with the season after one week playing
williambland8717: The Helltide feels like the Gate of Hell has actually opened. Intense mob density, as you gain anger from the demons, it's frantic. Riding your horse and the demon comes from underneath and knock you off, IS AWESOME! You think it is sweet, get off your mount. THEN, the orange boss that comes out IS INSANE. Kudos Blizzard

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