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THE BEST Barb Build for Season 4 - Bash Barb Diablo 4

0Navv: Def my first barb build
DanielgunKim: Rob!! You are a machine! How are you pumping out so much content?! Thank you so much for your awesome videos. Your passion for D4 is very contagious~ I learned many things about bash barb for season 4!
jeromeberardi2104: Hate playing the same exact build that everyone hypes up. Thank for this. still trying to decide between Sorc or Barb. This might be the one
tjlegend233: Can you do a Brain dead immortal build of any class for noobs? Especially sorc which is a glass cannon. Would love an easy to use no thinking immortal build. Not to concerned about kill speed as long as I can stay alive easy without chugging potions and having to do a ton of things to prime and proc things. lol
macmiddlebrooks1: Thank you, I'm definitely using this. I have zero interest in having my screen full of tornadoes!
default_3362: I'm clearly using this build for endgame, but when should I swap from Double swing build to this one?
recrub11: I’m doin this ! Great vid my bro
kevinmann2154: Rob da barbarian and bash ftw. GG my friend
HeyHappy-xu4oo: The intro music
venusmars1422: Hell yeah Rob

May 13 2024

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