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Super Unbiased Season 4 Review Diablo 4

tomkc516: ok the DM/Ryker shit absolutely killed me!
cburn1232: When Rob said "I love oatmeal. What the fuck is your problem with oatmeal?", I felt that.
confitao: Holy editing Frosty, that DM Rhykker love fanfic was fucking fantastic, ALMOST AS GOOD AS DIABLO 4
philosocrates: "I own a motorcycle" Priceless
dmdiablo4: My lawyers will be in touch.
Raxxanterax: I thought Rhykker loved me?
sanjin8867: "i own a motorcycle" out of nowhere had me
Chriscavalier27: "DM loves Rhykker." What a banger!
smygulf: "Why do i think this is the Pillipines?"
Sigfried033: How the hell is Frosty still stuck on 26k subs? This man has the golden touch. Much better content than the people who just whine constantly about games. Hang in there Frosty, your content is top tier.
ThatOneRightThere: Even Season Team: "We saved D4!"
Odd Season Team: "Hold my beer..."
chaseiskowitz9158: What the fuck is wrong with oatmeal? Lmao
xeyrruken: That closed up on the paper towel and wipes. GG WP
lukevega77: DM loves Rhyyyykkkeerrrrrrr!
wineaddict6625: DM X Ryhker still a better love story than twilight
andy15881588: “Blizzards last chance” lmao. Blizzard could shit out Diablo 5 next year and 10 million people would preorder it today
Tobez: lmfao the DM/Riker bit got me good
daiakunin: The DM Rhykker bromance is the love story the world needs.
juncture231: Best. Season. Yet.
thomasfurman6720: Another S tier video! Your legend grows
vanlalfaka2918: Raxx "The go stand next to a necro build"
BenK12345: blizzard should add a new nightmare dungeons that is wall-to-wall Tomb Lord. at the end you rescue a blue cloaked npc named Raxx, who, it turns out, is possessed by a demon and all the tomb lords were manifestations of his greatest nightmare. the demon takes over Raxx's body and metamorphs into a ferocious new boss, Stream Lord
SlatsAU: Holy shit the song.

May 25 2024

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