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So I Tried Diablo 4 Loot Reborn..

BlizzPort: I still can't get over the fact that enemies scale with your power. I hate this lazy approach to balancing so much it completely ruins the game for me.
DJJohnnyFi: They’ll get it this time!!! Don’t let the last 7 letdowns get you.
eizenhardt: looking for the 5th last chance. Blizzard needs to learn how the concept "last chance" works...or we have to
mustacheoneday: When you're younger you are a barbarian, when older a necromancer.
batboy555: The most resilent of customers.
Dreampiece.: Weren't people complaining when the minions were getting one shot constantly? Now that they don't die immediately and you're able to cast spells other than healing them constantly, people still complain that now the game is too easy? The core problem with Diablo 4 was that it was boring. I don't think Blizzard will fix that anytime soon without just turning Diablo 4 into an expanded season of Diablo 3.
beefcakeman1525: I smoked so much cope last night that I’m enjoying Diablo 4. I don’t care if it’s easy because I’m a real person who can’t play for 12 hours on a week day. Smoking cope is good. Diablo 4 is good.
reditlasercameraman: Be honest Whose gonna watch full video?
dbaxter604: "Its finally good" = its mid
mareksinister: Now: game is good
2 months later: D4 BAD!
zlungbutterz3307: Quit halfway through S2. I’m actually enjoying this season so far. A lot of good changes.
ragzael1723: It's amazing how well Asmon has mastered his facial expressions. When he says "This is Diablo 4 last chance" he doesn't even look like he's smiling, meanwhile everyone bursts into laughter.
visuals2763: Still no Paladin? That's crazy
ManifestTheMusic: It’s finally good again. Famous last words…………
XtremBizZzar: damn, i played 1 hour and it was just boring. i can not do this
whiskeyl33: Skipping through the video, it just seems like same shit, different day.
fioredeutchmark: The new season is legitimately good, tempering and the new approach to affixes is exactly what the game needed. Drop rates are significantly improved for better gear. Helltides from level 1 are a great idea, means there’s fun content to start levelling from the start of the game.

I just can’t believe we still don’t have a paladin.
johnk1448: The problem is even if I liked D4 now; ain’t no way I’m paying $70-100 for an expansion. So kinda feel like it’s just a waste.

And even if it’s better the class / skill diversity still looks boring
gcelite36: Giving Blizzard another chance, that's some grace that would make Jesus proud.
jonathansimmons1106: People say its a bad game and have 500 hour into it.
joshzzygaming: I want to play it again but, as a fire sorc main at launch, I am still healing.
B16B0SS: as a bald guy ... I felt relief when I finally accepted my hair was falling out and shaved it all off (many years ago) - was scary at first but liberating. I recommend you do this asmon - just let it go
xplosive213: this is their last sodapoppin
JV-ei4rz: Do you guys remember when Brevik said that one of the main reasons that the original Diablo was so much better than other ARPGs was because you just chose your class and got right into the action and started slaying demons instead of wasting time and hours on your character creation screen?
idliketorant9147: What people need to understand is that the saying 1-3 business days when applied to blizzard it is 1-3 business YEARS to fix something in their games lol.
LetsBeSeriouslol: Vampire Survivor was more enjoyable to watch
oRnch199: It feels the exact same, but even easier now.
Purrrjury: D4 still bad.
marcosramirez2278: People need to learn what "last chance" actually means. Stop playing games that treat you like garbage.
JanPapiezGaming: d4 bad
thetalkingbread3292: Before watching, I'm just gonna say season 4 is by far the best season they've done so far (and the simplest) it genuinely is pretty good now.

May 20 2024

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