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Season 4 Speedrun 1100 Fastest Necromancer in Diablo 4

thelupishow: Following this build...Level 60 day one. Nice job. I was in Tier IV by 52. Running 75 level dungeons with ease. Thanks for all you do.
g0ndal: what build are you changing when you change sever for blight ? build link ?
MJ-rr7gd: can u plz post the build u are lvling with it is not the same as the one u have linked too thanks
knrdn: I started yesterday and got 4 uniques by the time I was lvl 40
kearseymorton2078: everybody is playing the same build :)
shaneglover99: Your the man brotha. Always the best videos. Got me wanting to trade my barb in for Necro again. You do this to me every season lmmfao. Great vid bro get some rest you can tell you have been beating lolol.
muttyung5023: should make gameplay videos, would be great to watch. don’t see too many people doing that. mostly streaming or tips and tricks and build videos. would be nice to see something different.
MateuszMichalak-mn9lc: How u have at 1 level 10 skill points and 9/9 hp potions wtf
lewishamilton3557: Thanks for all the information, and work you did in the PTR. Amazing videos. More than prepared was I for the season.
user-yg6ru2or9f: Bratha - always brilliant

May 22 2024

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