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Season 4 Shadow Necro is OVERPOWERED with Tempering Bonuses in Diablo 4!

CookiePsycho: Aaaaaa... I want S4 now... cant wait one more week for it...
aandisegregate5208: 1 week countdown HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lagalpb: Elemental Surge got a huge nerf, it now deals 600-1000 damage
Xenc5: This looks very interesting
geoffwarner8021: Looks like fun in a arpg is bk on the menu necros’
yarsiq: shadow summoner will be the strongest build for necro in s4 ? or this one without minions ?
thatoneblackkid5297: I’m going to play blight with minions will that be good?
plague6079: COME ON 14th!! Do you recommend minions to 50 or start straight away with Shadow?
Douleuo: So in S3 this guy is doing like 6-12mil hits.... any idea what S4 damage would be?
stijndewever7999: Will this be S Tier?
oscarundead: this is supposed to be minions update.. zzz zzz

May 10 2024

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