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Season 4 ONE HIT Everything with Golem Summoner Necromancer - Diablo 4 Builds

spagzs: “Oh no! It will take me 3 shots instead of 1 shot and take 4 seconds longer to beat the level…”
I wish there was a dungeon finder ffs
romulohenrique4149: The problem with this build is golem ai is terrible.
aureycol-hos4290: Ugh man I cannot wait till tuesday
CookiePsycho: It would be nice if they did something with all that Armor that we can get, but not need anymore. Like "overcaped armor turns into % of damage reflection". Would be nice.
jmarshall3150: But I want 6 bil. Only Barbs are allowed to be broken?
86617636: Thank you for all the great builds. Went to your discord and dont see any of your S4 builds in there.
moosewild4239: 6 billion to 1 billion is a bit more than slight nerf. Would not be surprised to see it get nerfed even harder. Amazing how changing things for the plus always takes a long time yet the nerf gun is always instant with no CD.
itzflashyy1373: Hopefully some day they fix ai with undead since it atk whatever it wants vs what you want.
stevedavis3900: Minions get base stats
Or ALL stats?
robertwelch1443: Awesome work! Can’t wait to try this
Ulooklikekeith: My very first literal thought when the billion golem first appeared was “man this is awesome sauce, but man is the golem a derp” so I’m glad you also realize this sad fact
I wanna be team big boy but the Ai is terrible so since this is going to obviously be tremendously popular I’m going to let everyone else work out the details and save me the headaches due to the possible ridiculous amounts of frustration of golem not working out so well while I try to craft undying bone spear mages

May 11 2024

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