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Season 4 Golem Necro King 4.0 New Aspect Tempering Diablo 4 Guides

Reaper-kf4yb: quick thought would it not be more efficient giving up ONE board and taking with the extra paragonpoints close and easy to reach Magic and Specialnodes? the amount should be worth more than the 1 extra rune?
jesseeckard5177: I'm trying to implement harlequin into this somehow. Which aspect do you think can be swapped out? Frenzied dead if I can temper 100% attk?
marcussmith6507: Ummm first I guess
sokamabuth: Can't wait for you to import this information into Mobalytic
BiscuitChan: Excited to try this! When will you start your sorc ;)?
unknowncomic4107: Blizzard hates me and refuses to give me gear with any type of % attack speed whether through drops or crafting. I have given up on it.

May 26 2024

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