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Season 4 Every Secret Uncovered for a Smooth Start! - Diablo 4 Guides

landonperry9371: Tempering is insanely cheap relative to everything else. Not tempering your gear is a huge blunder imo
Jak0vas: Disagree on Tempering whilst leveling, I only do it once per item, the resource cost is dirt cheap, you can get huge buffs with a bit of luck. Started around level 35 not every chance I got, but just when sorting gear out.
Narfmann369: I've played around 4 hours, very casually, and I'm 53. Gonna head over to WT4 after work today. I'm having a blast
_Super_Dad_: 52 Necro here.. unfortunately working today... can't wait till this evening lol
mshalls7614: Season 4 - Revenge of the Hell tide !!! Watch out for those hellbourne dudes, they get ANGRY !! lol best season ever
absolutfx: Good extra advice. I'm 48 necro, Helltide once I hit WT3 shot me up super fast.
AlexandraSpeaks: Season journey caches (NOT THE IRON WOLVES CACHE THE ONES FROM THE SEASON MENU) scale to your level open them immediately upon entering WT4 for a massive boost!!
LesterSuggs: D4S4 is too easy now. There's no challenge.. except figuring out how to upgrade your gear. UPDATE
Flmf1984: Got a couple hours in last night. Having a blast with Tornado Druid. Unlocked Owrld Teir 3 at 37 without spirit boons even
frazermiller9571: Got from lvl 1 to 30 last night using your pulverise build for levelling. Playing a druid ,again cos I love em, but not yet sure what build once endgame. My brother loves your guides, he's a necro nut like yourself, and I too enjoy your presenting style. Been watching since season 2... so got to say a big THANK YOU P4wnyhof
Jayco2855: Thanks for these very helpful tips!

May 15 2024

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