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Season 4 BUFFED Bone Summoner is a 1-100 Fast Level Monster in Diablo 4!

Uji73: Am I missing something with Scent of Death/Exploit? It seems like the glyph node is orphaned, and not attached to any others.
closed_case9251: so what summoner do you think is the best way to go 4 leveling?
shadow still on top or is there anything what can mess with the shadow?
Silent_Onis: Would love to see a bone spirit build. I had so much fun one shot bosses in pre-season. Gonna come back for season 4
johnnywhite8877: Man I had finally decided to play a sorcerer... how am I supposed to pick when everything looks so good
S2Hgaming: FIRST like - Alles erreicht im Leben
Shaera574: Thanks ! This is EXACTLY what I needed
dbmartin7105: Dude I just found your channel while looking for a good Necro info source. I like your strategy, Thanks!
foxystarr8277: Thanks for explaining so good.. but we need update on shadow summoner!
montanaSD: I absolutely love this build but will prob end up just going shadow minion build eventually.
timmarshall8618: I'm new to Necromancer, reaching 100 for the first time last season on Sorcerer.

If you were in my position would you plan to use the bone spear Summoner or the shadow Summoner from lvl 1-60? (assume by the time I hit world tier IV I'll have more knowledge and a better understanding of what I want to do 60-100, what tempering affix books I have access to etc.)

I liked the sorceror because I felt engaged in the gameplay more than when I tried rogue/barb/druid alts last season.
christopherhunt7094: Does skeletal priest heal you and minions or just minions?

May 10 2024

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