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Season 4 Best SOLO Necro 2.0 One Hit Golem Summoner Diablo 4 Guides!

Chris.Fate.: What I love about your videos is that your builds works as a solo player. Keep up the good work mate!
nathanozee6530: ur mobalytics and what u say here are different... plz work it out for us not too smart people
ESanchezXXV: The only bad thing about your builds, ALL of them are great and I never know which one I wanna play
sergiydubyk460: Really like your videos. But i am confused that in video and in planner different stats. as axample in planner you dont have life on hit on weapon and uniq pants.
Coofal: Hello, very nice build. Im gonna use it this season :D Did u update items on your build at mobalytics?
kurtnordli1381: P4wnyhof apparently from what MacroBioBoi says the cool down node in the reaper book of the dead is bugged, if you pick the node next to the cool down node you will get both nodes at the same time.
dfillio8993: Your planner is completely different then what you’re showing in the video. Is there a reason?
emilkristensen6667: I decided to go with corpe explosion as a source for triggering blighted instead. Feels much better and you don't have to micro manage your essence as well.
Try it out pwny! :)
TheOgerTob: Hey, thanks for the guide! Does this work on tormented uber bosses as well or do you spec into more dmg farming bosses? Currently at lvl 53 in the pit.
revenant5142: I know minions are all the craze right now, but I'm hoping for a shadow build featuring ebonpiercer. It just seems so fun to use.

May 19 2024

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