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Season 4 Best Possibly Necromancer to SOLO Everything - Diablo 4 Guides!

Zangettsu_ZA: I leveled till 50 even with Blight in one evening. And boy this build is fun. I was doing a nightmare dung with about 6 levels above me and the Butcher showed up. Lets just say he showed up because he was down in less than 10 seconds. This is my first Necromancer and I love it.
mingieandmrs4144: Quality video, I wasn't too far away but you opened my eyes to a fair few certain things I've overlooked. Cheers buddy.
vicentevaltieri5098: every week gonna be a new best build now xD
alexw5982: Thx for this Guide Mate i Love it
birdz9252: I know you streamed a ton but i believe you owe me about 20mil gold for doing another vid lol.
Trapinnewyork44: This is your season
philippefabre4991: BIG thank you, I appreciate the clarity and level of detail, with the various options as we level up (and preferred choices for gear)
logan666999: As much as I appreciate other D4 content creators... I came back for this season just because of your videos ;) Love your content... love your streams :) wish you all the best
HeadHunterOutlaw: Just the video i was looking for. Much obliged partner
AlCapone333: Thanks a lot for this video and especially for the explaining.
All other youtubers only make "take this..make that.."-videos and it might be helpful but I love the explanation why everything works.
Not that I had any problems until now (same skills but different passives and paragon board) but I give this build a try.

May 16 2024

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