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Season 4 Best Minion Necro Leveling Build To BLAST With - Diablo 4

Jord97x: As someone who completely gave season 3 a miss. I am so happy they finally made minions good, summoning the undead to do everything for you is what a Necromancer should always be.
justinvelasco9296: I've watched three other necro starter guides and they weren't nearly as good in my perspective. Appreciate it dude
Enviously: Nick the young god still making the best videos let’s goooo
Denstoremonkey: Necro HYPE

billray7703: Your builds are ok but not the best. Imo
Awlansee: just coming back for the new season and glad to see you're back on the videos too
SynjynB: Thanks Nicktew! Great guide.
yodatoy8792: Thx! I have been playing rogue and Druid for first 3 seasons but I am going to play necro season 4. Thx for the guide.

May 15 2024

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