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S4 Golem Summon Necro PIT TIER 100 BUILD GUIDE Diablo 4 Season 4 Minion Necromancer Build skulm

Danny-zw7sw: Finally, I see every almost YouTuber baiting this build without saying it’s big abuse and that’s the reason it can push but you open explaining it’s a bug and not baiting, thank you!
ronniestyles1347: I've seen a few of your quick clear videos before but haven't actually seen a build video. I really appreciate the time you took to go into detail on why you're doing everything you're doing. I feel like I learned a lot from this! Thank you for your time and effort.
rakshaa8385: Thanks an excellent share and discussion, the live Q&A was great too! Looking forward to checking out the paragon board!
WHISPERED77: SKULM best necro build I've seen subscribed thanks bro!
Brooklyn-swag: Always good seeing you mastering the necro brotha.
BludFarts666: Thanks for the informative video. Im also experimenting. Theres is so many things you can do and combinations . I really enjoy it.
thomasdavis399: Great video sir. I think your perspective is fair being someone who plays necromancer primarily.
vicentevaltieri5098: great job man
alfie834: Thanks for this.
Ersb99: Thank you so much, hope yo reach tier 150 at some point

May 18 2024

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