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S-Tier Druid Build for Season 4! Werenado Guide - Diablo 4

SuhandiWijaya: The Chinese always have some of the best and game-breaking builds
Durzothorn: Cant wait to start grinding season 4 so many fun looking builds.
masterchief9005: Nice haven't played nado druid since S1. Ready to use it again in S4
opiumdreamin: i love werenado, is my build in s3, thanks again rob for the content!!! lovely
89DanteGaming: Hi rob, i'm dante . Could i review your a build, especially bash barb
I was asked by my subscriber to review your bash build.
Can I do a review? I'll use your video just as a reference
I am sorry that my English might be awkward because I am Korean
tomekhome: great video as always, thanks Rob !
aname.whatdidyouexpect1877: Bestial Rampage is a good key passive, Perfect Storm could also be decent I think. Attack Speed is really important on this build. Tibault's is probably also good, but Mad Wolf's Glee would also be a viable option as well. Thank you for the content for us Druid players!
JD-pm6wf: Druid, Barb, or Necro for season 4?
FTW1000: Can you do a PVP Tierlist for Season 4
Swannson6: druid would be my fav character if he wasnt so GOD DAMNED terrible to lvl

May 09 2024

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