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ROGUE BACK STRONG! Top Clear Pit 124 Season 4 Diablo 4

LuckyLuciano6: Rogue was never gone :)
slottm: Thank you for linking my video! It’s elixir of advantage 2 as the main elixir. My victimize multi is 2340 :)
adamr740: Lol never getting those rolls lol , he paid out the ass for that gear holy f
marsovac: This doesn't seem a glitch or a bug. It is just doing how the passive is worded. Game design thing going on. They designed the passive to double dip. Since we know that any damage you deal gets amplified by your multipliers, they would need to explicitly say that this damage is not amplified.
K1m9857: I was looking for a rogue build after playing barb and necromancer
Wonder to see Rob has my back with awesome builds~~
Also shouting out "not main stream" content creators
Zetsumei88: Oh look more broken shit
HarryPlopper420: So it’s a “bugged” build? Why highlight something that’s using broken mechanics???
viktorzolsar8873: I've been curious about using a bleed barb, really interested to see what double dip you found. I currently run thorns and enjoy smashing 90 pits, but my friend wants to duo with support druid and thorn won't work.
sweetbabyrayso5262: the fact that this builds damage comes from some sort of error and still takes forever is insanity. Feels like pit 100 and up should always drop two pieces with greater affixes. Cause when this stuff get fixed, clearing this will be a fucking nightmare.

May 23 2024

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