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PIT SCALING NEW 141 TOP CLEARS in Diablo 4 Season 4

b.banner_hulk6867: It all seems kind of pointless especially when the seasonal elixir is doing all of the carrying. Also since there's no leaderboard or anything to unlock, it's just for bragging rights. I'm not sure every class needs to be able to get to this high of a PIT tier to measure their power. It's also about how fun the build and class are.
lughor82: The Holy Bold Elixir is changing the real outcome.
On the Maxroll Pit Ladder we can see the real strength of the builds, because Holy Bold is banned.
Thorns Barb is first with Tier 132, but the scaling seems bugged as well.
Heartseeker Rogue is second with Tier 130 to 132, but rogues have bugged builds as well, I don't know if this one is.
The Bash Barb is third and seems bug-free in Tier 128.
The Golem Necromancer is still strong with Pit Level 126, but Necros will die much more often because of missing defenses.
Sorcerer is only the Immortal Firebolt build with Tier 117.
Druid is Tier 116.

So to be clear, Barb is the top class to clear high level pits consistently.
Rogue is a bit odd, because with only 36k life rogues can tank the Pit 131 boss and only evade the shadow boss mechanics.
The Golem Necro is doing 126, but Shadow Mages only 123 and Bone Spirit 120.
Sorc and Druid are far behind.

Keep on telling Blizzard how OP the Golem Necromancer is and next Season without Holy Bolt the Necromancer is the worst class.

The only really OP class is the Barb!
csantana1: boss health should be cut down significantly, its a chore to hit a boss for 10 minutes straight and with current scaling going beyond pit 120 is going to be absolutely impossible for 99.9% of players
nisx2012: Damn D4 is reaching the D3 numbers pretty fast
videogamebutter: the barbarian boss has the highest health of them all jesus christ
michelesilvestri7564: I do 10 billion per week with my Druid, so it will only take 18 years to kill a 130 tier boss.
BulkersRuleZ: Holy Bolt will get nerfed and necro will go back to sorc and druid level
p7755fn: The thing is that there are many B tier, C tier, and Z tier builds... Sorc, druid, nec, rogue, need a lot of buff for a lot of builds

They are not used to make the content of the game.

If the devs don't solve this quickly, in less than 2 weeks people will start leaving again.

They should also make pvp content like those in WoW, with various rewards, including some cosmetics or others.
StefanP012: Rob is such a degenerate necro hater, he is just fine with barb having 3 or more builds that deal billions of dmg, but it's a problem if necro has 1 good build. He wasn't saying barb was op and above other classes when Chinese barb players were clearing 139 pit tiers a couple of days ago.
Deffine: Don't talk about nerfs when we are talking about Holy Bolt use here. Only Maxrolls Pit competition without Holy Bolt potion counts.

May 29 2024

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