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Pit Road to Pit 130! Minion Summoner Necro BLASTING Season Diablo 4

pex7781: nothing special with holybolts bug
korcidiamond3623: So he is milking the potion for so many videos... Yeah, quantity over qua...
MrDonAndrucha: Thats like making content in csgo while using obv aimbot and saying look im ranking up ^^
MrRamirezz: Okay, here are my thoughts. The necromancer feels good and really isn’t that powerful overall, but the elixir is helping so much to clear higher tiers. Without it, I feel like it wouldn’t be able to go that far.
aznxcaliber: The planner you have in the link was your original golum minion boss killer, it looks like you’re using the hybrid build in your video
Vitalik578: Bug abuse.
ShatterMask: I'm so sad Hota Barb is dead.
marekciostek1458: I don't know it's like 2/3 max hp shot or just barely scrach boss. This is what endgame should look like? Necro monion and there far far away Barb, Werenando Druid, Cold Sorc... and ekhem Rouge.
melvaughn: Rob i just swapped to the other build yesterday and you have another build again today
Conflict125: Youre doing no dmg without this potion bug. Wtf are you showing?

May 21 2024

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