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khelu9690: Finally somebody that addresses the resource issues, other content creators probably tried the build either on PTR or on S3. In my opinion it's a decent build, but nowhere near S tier, especially for bosses
gwhips: Just got my tempest like a minute ago. Good thing I checked you out.
user-wo9jj6ii6t: why do you have hurricane in your gameplay vid, but you show you use trample on the right side of the screen?
Ninja9687_: so the issue with hunter ring is that playing in a party is almost impossible,even more so if you have necro minions in your party they kill things too fast for your hunter ring to reset the bear skills so trample wont come off of cool down to keep resources up, i never thought about rocking metamophosis on the boots..that will solve so many issues, i gave up so much damage in paragon board grabbing alot of resource nodes but now that i found this i might switch back
Dalkoragaming: Bro the Patrick smashes LOL
DiegoMarcelino-wr6dm: Way better than maxroll
bigdogang: Awesome thz
Funk11147: How viable is lightning storm in the pit?
urbanops9882: Dam I just started my druid alt yesterday but this looks so weak. Sort of disappointing
imalvl10paladin: 1

May 18 2024

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