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Perfect Builds Beat the Pit EASY Season 4 Diablo 4 Guides

esvbanARPGs: firebolt/flameshield sorc is not easy to build... will cost you billions of gold or hours of farming. Blizzard is more budget.
ARUNMANOJ86: wish there was a bloodlance build for necro .. i loved it last season.. but minions right now outshine any sacrificial builds
Xadoras: Is that the season of generator builds or what?
etrosknight2254: Great video, always interesting to see what the top players in the world are doing and gracious of them to share their discoveries
sergioalexanderdeinschlimm9752: This helps me a lot.
ver2cal2010: Playing Bash Barbarian and loving it
highresgaming6651: The first barbarian build didn’t seem like it was hitting too hard

I see the numbers but you would think it would be deleteing everything
milkod2001: Can you run a short video for necro which uber uniques are actually usable for your recent builds please?
TheMorro87: which Uber could be used on necro minions?

May 29 2024

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